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  • Fethiye? Still crazy after all these years! April 25, 2016
    There has been momentous changes in the political landscape and the eyes of the world are focused on Turkey, Syria and the Kurdish issue.  But apart from the rarely seen refugees and the drop in tourist numbers, life here in Fethiye remains much the same.  Building development proceeds at breakneck speed, the traffic is more […]
    Tony Taylor
  • I’m back at long last April 16, 2016
    Well it’s been quite a while!  Where do I begin?  I suppose with where I left off nearly two years ago.  I was given the all clear after 20 weeks of chemotherapy ( protocol Folfox 4 ) which followed six weeks of combined radiotherapy and chemo for 5 days a week up in Antalya, What […]
    Tony Taylor
  • The missing months May 24, 2014
    As you will have noticed, I’ve not been blogging for the last 3 months.  Unfortunately, I’m not quite as well as I could be just now.  I was diagnosed with colon cancer in January and had a colectomy a couple of weeks later. The prognosis is good, I’m  happy to say and I have just completed half […]
    Tony Taylor
  • Bank rate doubles February 15, 2014
    Although my post of the 28th December anticipated a rise in bank rate I never expected the 100% increase announced last week.  Hopefully, this will stem the catastrophic decline in the value of the Lire and put a lid on inflation, fuel prices in particular are astronomical.  The good news is the sun is warm […]
    Tony Taylor
  • Fethiye Kordon developments February 4, 2014
      The sun was shining as I took a walk from here to Calis along the promenade today and things are moving.  The new marina already has 50 or so, small motor boats sparkling as they bobbed about in the breeze.  Workmen were laying more roads and pavements and you can now walk or cycle […]
    Tony Taylor
  • The Terrible Twins January 24, 2014
    Lots of things are conspiring to keep me away from the easel at the moment and I’ll write about them when time allows.  I did manage to complete a preliminary sketch of our new Yorkies towards creating the full work requested by the boss for her belated Xmas present. I am really pleased to have […]
    Tony Taylor
  • Dickens still on the mark January 13, 2014
    “Facial expression requires no study from you, you think; it comes by nature to you to know enough about it, and you are not to be taken in.  I confess, for my part, that I have been taken in, over and over again. I have been taken in by acquaintances, and I have been taken […]
    Tony Taylor
  • Turkey is a Mint January 7, 2014
    It seems that Turkey has become a MINT!  Like the more familiar acronym BRIC, Turkey has joined with Mexico, Indonesia and Nigeria to become one of the future powerhouses of the world economy.  A strange selection of bedfellows, methinks, but read more here or you can listen to the programme on the BBC Radio iPlayer.
    Tony Taylor
  • The Xmas decorations are back in the attic once more and the New Year Resolutions are in there with them January 3, 2014
    I’m not really one for making resolutions at New Year as I tend to make them all year round.  You know, must paint more, aim to lose a couple of kilos, see more of Turkey and so on.  This way even if I break them I’m guilt free.  All I need to do is set […]
    Tony Taylor
  • Are the wheels coming off? December 28, 2013
    The political problems here are escalating as various factions try to protect or take advantage of the exposure of scurrilous behaviour by some of the governing heirarchy and their families.  There are many newspapers here all of which seem to be aligned to, if not actually printed by, the parties concerned.  My long serving ex […]
    Tony Taylor

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