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  • Sultan’s Aqua City, Çalış – A Big Splash April 5, 2017
    Sultan’s Aqua City in Çalış is what we’re all about for today’s post. Because, you see, we’re at that time of year again. The trickle begins around January and then picks up pace during the spring. I’m talking about those messages you get from friends when you live in another country; especially in a town […] The post Sultan’s Aqua City, Çalış – A Big Splash […]
    Turkey's For Life
  • Spinach And Potato Puff Pastry Rolls – A Dream Combination March 24, 2017
    Ahh, yes. We have discovered the joy of puff pastry. Or, to give it its Turkish name, we have discovered the joy of experimenting with milföy böreği. We’re Brits. We know puff pastry well, of course. Pasties and sausage rolls were a staple, growing up. But we had never cooked with it before. Until recently, […] The post Spinach And Potato Puff Pastry Rolls – […]
    Turkey's For Life
  • Our Ode To Gözleme – A Darling Of Turkish Food February 28, 2017
    Let’s consider the humble gözleme. Why? Well, have you ever met anyone who isn’t instantly grateful for its entrance into their life? We love the stuff and losts of others agree with us! Turkish cuisine is oft ranked by food experts as one of the world’s top three cuisines – no arguments from these two […] The post Our Ode To Gözleme – A Darling Of Turkish F […]
    Turkey's For Life
  • Begonya Ev Yemekleri, Çalış – Turkish Kitchen Meets English Tearoom February 21, 2017
    So, what’s going on with the title of this post, then? Just trying to sum up a description of our latest local eatery article in a few words, that’s all. Hopefully, as we tell you more about our recent experience at Begonya Ev Yemekleri in Çalış, and you scroll through the photos, all will start […] The post Begonya Ev Yemekleri, Çalış – Turkish Kitchen Meet […]
    Turkey's For Life
  • Sarge’s Place, Çalış – Pub Grub & A Cosy Atmosphere February 12, 2017
    It’s been a relatively short career, so far, our time at Sarge’s Place in Çalış. It’s not the sort of place we’d go to usually – well, we don’t live in that area, and, if we are around there, it’s usually to go Sunday food shopping at the market, followed by a hello and a […] The post Sarge’s Place, Çalış – Pub Grub & A Cosy Atmosphere appeared first on […]
    Turkey's For Life
  • A Healthy Guacamole Recipe – Loving Avocados January 24, 2017
    Guacamole – not Turkish at all. Mexican, in fact. But in the winter months, on the fruit and veg stalls around Fethiye fish market, the big Tuesday market and the Sunday market in Çalış, avocados are more prevalent than usual and they are lovely and ripe! And soft, ripe avocados make for a perfect guacamole recipe! Why […] The post A Healthy Guacamole Recipe […]
    Turkey's For Life
  • 2016 – Our Highlights From Another Year In Turkey December 30, 2016
    Here we are again. Almost at the end of the year. And so it’s that time where we have a look back at what’s passed. 2016 is certainly going to go down as ‘turbulent’ for many, but that’s all the more reason to look back at some personal 2016 highlights and fully appreciate all those […] The post 2016 – Our Highlights From Another Year In Turkey appeared firs […]
    Turkey's For Life
  • Çarıklı Et Restaurant, Fethiye – Everything But The Moo…And The Baa December 22, 2016
    To all of our fellow carnivorous fans of Fethiye out there, this post is (mainly) for you! There are oodles of places to eat around Fethiye, serving all manner of international and Turkish dishes, whether they be meat, seafood or vegetable. Some restaurants serve a happy mix of everything. And we need that, of course. […] The post Çarıklı Et Restaurant, Feth […]
    Turkey's For Life
  • Autumn News From Fethiye December 2, 2016
    Hmm, well we have to go the ‘autumn’ route with our Fethiye news title, don’t we? Monthly news seems to have gone by the by of late – and yes, we’re fully aware of that. And it’s only personal news, after all. Things we notice going on around town and bits and bobs of what […] The post Autumn News From Fethiye appeared first on Turkey's For Life.
    Turkey's For Life
  • Şehzade Cağ Kebabı – Happy Memories Of The East In Istanbul November 20, 2016
    Food that’s memorable for all the right reasons; it’s a matter of opinion, of personal experience. For us, our happiest foodie moments in Turkey are ones where the dish is simple, full of flavour, a texture that marries with the food we’re eating…and it’s often a dish that gives you a happy glow, either because […] The post Şehzade Cağ Kebabı – Happy Memorie […]
    Turkey's For Life

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